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Dunhuang Zhan - Main Train Station
The Front of the main Railway Station of Datong, Shanxi.
The daytime train from BaoTou, via Hohhot and Datong to Beijing awaits it's departure from the Platform.
View of the Platform and Train in both directions <->.
Mouse over Image - The Large parade ground like Station Square and the Main Entrance to the Station Building.
How to Get There -
The Dunhuang Zhan, or
Railway Station of Dunhuang
lies due East of Dunhuang
City , well away at some
distance from the Old city
and its Monuments. The
easiest way to find your
way without careful study
of a city map is by getting
outside and taking a Taxi Ride to your Hotel. Conveniently, taxi rates in Dunhuang are considerably lower than in the big cities, and when a train arrives at the station, local cabbies gang-up and fight to get the customers. There is always a taxi ready at your service. If not - try CITS or take a hike, literally.

Part of the new City of Dunhuang,....
Overview of the Station Square where traditional dancers and a band have gathered to say goodbye to a group
of revisiting Veterans of the PLA
Garrison at Datong.
- Mouse over Image -
Satellite Image based Map of the Gobi Desert and the Flow of the Yellow River showing Datong and other cities along railway lines near Datong.
Dunhuang Railway Connections -
The large station - no information available.
Inside Datong Zhan - the huge size of the Station is emphasized by the figures in the distance.
The Train to Beijing leaves from immediatly behind the Main Hall.
All infor on Beijing Western Railway Sation !!
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