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This page was last updated on: June 6, 2017
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Welcome to Xian Report, the growing Online Digital Report on Xian , the Capital City of  Shaanxi Province  in the Peoples Republic of China. A very long Time Ago, during the 4Th through 9Th Century Xi'An was known as Chang 'An, the City of Western Peace and was the Ancient Tang Dynasty Capital of China. Located at the Chinese Beginning of The Silk Road, and Dynastic Capital Chang An was a prosperous City and the Center of China at the Time.
The Xian Report brings you un-precendented photo-series (16000+ photos ) on a growing number of Xian Landmarks , the famous 16 kilometers of preserved City Walls - the largest remaining in China-, plus some hot-spots and odd-spots. Combined with Maps of all Districts and a pleasant, but true and informing text, researched in-debt and completed by online resources and an evergrowing Xian Best Photos Gallery for your convenience, Xian Report gives you a unique view , insight and tour through the City of Xian , Shaanxi Province. Please enjoy our Free and Unique Tour of this Friendly and Interesting historic City. Xian Report brings new photos and information on a regular basis. Check the China Report -MSN Blog for Latest Details.
The Xian Report
Xian , Ancient Capitol City of China has a long history , dating back 1000's of Years. Once a Buddhist Capital at the Source of the Chinese Silk Road , melting pot of primordial China, it is now the booming and bustling Capital City of Shaanxi Province, an increasingly modern and rapidly developing Province. In this City the Old and the New Combine. But , they do so at a slow and gentle pace. True - Old gets torn down , new is born. New trends in China have taken hold and change the City of Xian (Shaanxi) and it's Peoples. However the Ancient Splendor , Facade and Tranquility of the City is being preserved. Remaining in the City are the unique 8Th Century Great Mosque of Xian and surrounding Muslim Quarter, as well as a Stele Museum.
To make Xian City comprehensible to the reader, who like us , is exploring China ( almost ) for the First Time , the Xian Report starts off simple.
We take you on a Tour past the Well-known Landmarks of Xian. Find them in our Main Menu !
From there on we explore further , as is natural for a Tourist or Traveling Visitor.
       And we Discover ? More and More new aspects of this City ! Please return as often as you
can as we take you and ourselves to explore this exciting city and report our adventures and discoveries online for you.               
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Introduction to the Xian Report
The Xian Report and Xian in General
A More elaborate Introduction to Xian, Capital City of Shaanxi Province
Guide to the Cities' Transportation System
Take a Photo-Tour of some Landmarks outside the City of Xian
All online resources for this Website Listed
Xian Report Sources
All offline resources for this Website Listed
Short how to Use of the Xian Public Transport System including Taxi and Bus & Airport. Usefull in getting you on your way. Digital photograps to go with each story and explanation, Xian City Maps. Do's and Don'ts of Xian Taxi hiring.
Short Introductionaries and Extensive digital photographic Tours + researched backgrounds or history of All major Xian City Monuments , Landmarks, Museums and other places of interests. Hot-spots of Culture, Art and history.
A Small selection of especially recommended Hotels.
A growing number of Short Introductionaries and Extensive digital photographic Tours of Monuments from China's history and other Excursions outside the City of Xian (proper). Text and historical backgrounds to the
Ch'ing Imperial Dynastic Tombs, Terracotta Army, The Great White Goose Pagoda and ofcourse the beautiful The Summer Palace and Hotsprings at Xian's North-Western Edge.
All sources used in the Creation of this Website. Sometimes with short or extensive description.
All Online sources used in the Creation of this Website. Bibliography of links to Information Sites on Xian and Xian City Monuments and Hot-spots.
Offline sources used in the Creation of The Xian Report & Xian Virtual City. Bibliography of Books, articles , films and other material usefull in the Discovery of China and it's Ancient Tang Dynasty Capitol City of Xian.  Background readings and sources.
More information on the Peoples Republic of China and it's Cities in all aspects.
    Cities include Beijing, Chengde, Datong, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Lhasa (and Xian). Background links and information on History, Art, Culture, Politics, Peoples and more. Site includes Opt-in Mailing List to keep up to date and in contact.
The Xian Report and Beijing Report are part of the overall website and
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A Map of Xian Central - Everything withing 3rd Ring Road (=all you likely need)
All Maps used in this Website
A Map depicting All Sites in Downtown Xian
All Maps used in this Website : Downtown Xian, Great Wild Goose Pagoda , Ban Po Village and The Ch'ing Tomb of China's first Emperor and his Terracotta Soldiers Army .
A Short Introduction to Xian City Today
Xian Report - Xian City Maps
The Xian Reports - All
China's National Flower The Peony , on Stamp.
Visit and Stay at The Belltower Hotel of Xian
Xian's Magnificient Bell Tower at it's Central City Square.
Learn about what is new on this Site. News from the SiteMaster on the Latest Updates on- and Additions to- this Site.
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Beijing City Districts in a Glance
Quick Menu to All Districts of Xian.
Short descriptions, Maps, Reports on Landmarks, Monuments and Hotspots.
All Best Photos from Xian Shaanxi and Surrounding Area's
All Best Photos of Xian City in One Great Gallery !
Find out more about the Terracotta Army and Site !
Ticket to Terracotta Army at Qi'in Shi Huang Di Tomb.
Take a Photo-Tour of some Landmarks of the City of Xian
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The Mythical Story of Monk XuaZhang, The Monkey King and the Holy Buddhist Scriptures of Immortality
Source Book "Journey to The West (3 Parts)"
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Find out more about the Terracotta Army and Site !
Traffic Police regulating traffic on a boulevard in South Xian.
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Big Goose Pagoda, in Former Temple of Great Maternal Grace, Built in Tang Dynasty, Xi'An, China
Big Goose Pagoda, in Former Temple of Great Maternal Grace, Built in Tang Dynasty, Xi'An, China Photographic Print
Wassman, Bill
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Street, Xi'An, China
City Street, Xi'An, China Photographic Print
Gage, Hal
DE - Asia_2007
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Complete Listing of Hotels in Xi'an, Capital of Shaanxi Province
Click Image to go to FULL Map Version !!
Chang'An (Today: Xi'An)
Lanzhou - Crossing Yellow River
Dunhuang Oasis + Yumen (Jade Gate)
Turpan (Turfan)
Kashgar (Kashi), Xinjiang-Uyghur Autonomous Region, China
Balkh, Afghanistan
Aksu, Xinjiang-Uyghur Autonomous Region, China
Khotan (Hotan or Hotien), Xinjiang-Uyghur Autonomous Region, China

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Shaanxi Province Wei River Valley (Guanzhong Plain) + Shannan Region Geographic Map 1A
A Geographic overview Map of the middle and south sections of Shaanxi Province, the Wei River Valley (a.k.a. Guanzhong Plain) and the Shanbei Region. Map delineates provincial borders and parts of neighboring Gansu Province in the West,  Shanxi and Henan Provinces to the East and Hubei, ChongQing and Sichuan Provinces in the South.
This Map Includes Cities and Towns (shown by size), Main Monuments & landmarks of Shaanxi Province, the flow of the yellow river along the borders with Shaanxi- and Shanxi-Provinces, the Wei and Han River valleys, Main Mountains (with Height), major highways, provincial railroads and main waterways & rivers. This Map further provides links to on site photos and information on the City and Area of Xi'An, nearby District and other locations of historic interest in Shaanxi Province.